This Model’s Eyes Will Have You in a Trance

Nov 21, 2016 at 3:17 pm |

It takes one good look from Kristina Basham to make any man weak in the knees

Since social media has taken over the entertainment world, the days of the emaciated model are over. People who would’ve never had a chance to make it into the modeling industry can now dominate the internet with followers and make a good living.

Basham’s endless gaze with her piercing, seductive eyes are just one attribute of this scalding hot brunette. Photogenic is an understatement when talking about Kristina Basham. We’ve got a bunch of pictures of this beautiful babe posing, taking searing hot selfies, and hypnotizing us with her emerald eyes.

kristina basham sweater red shirt

Source: Instagram @kristinabasham

Kristina Basham’s endless gaze with her piercing, seductive eyes allow her to dominate the internet with followers.

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