Modern Family Star Ariel Winter Invokes Kim Kardashian to Confirm She’s Single!

Jun 27, 2016 at 12:03 pm |

And her booty pics are getting noticed too.

Ariel Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy on the hit sitcom Modern Family, has been making a lot of waves recently. The 18-year-old actress graduated high school, went to prom in an amazing gown and is becoming an Instagram sensation: you can often see Ariel in scandalously skimpy clothes showing off her curvy figure—the target of unabashed body-shamers.

Ariel revved up her fans this week with a super sexy bikini picture and announced she’s back in the dating game using a Kim Kardashian gif. Will Ariel play the field or remain stubbornly single? With that gorgeous body, it must be hard to keep the boys at bay.

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter posing on car in midriff top

Source: Instagram @arielwinter

Actress Ariel Winter announces that she’s currently single, and she’s showing off what she’s got.

Hey, boys, she's single and ready to mingle!