Mom Drinks Friend’s Semen for Her Health

Nov 15, 2016 at 5:47 pm |

Say What?!

We all know that vegans are a special type of human breed. If you weren’t already educated by one, a vegan is a person who abstains from using or eating any animal products–period. This means no meat, eggs, or dairy. And while we get not wanting to eat meat (not really) for the animals sake we will never understand the type of person who actively decides to remove cheese from their diet! But to each his own.

This mother of two and proud vegan is adding something to her diet that no regular meat/cheese eating person would ever willingly eat (okay we know some sickos that might, but not for the reason you would think). Can you guess, Pressroom readers that double as swallowers in the bedroom? Yup, she drinks semen every day for “health” reasons.

tracy kiss with a tub of sperm

Source: YouTube/Tracy Kiss

Sooooo many questions…

We'd much rather get sick than drink semen every day...