Nathan Griffin: Jenelle Evans Sucks In Bed, Deals Heroin, Cuts Herself & Bangs Kieffer Delp

Jun 15, 2016 at 5:27 pm |

Drama, drama, drama

Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse between Jenelle Evans and her ex, Nathan Griffith, they prove us wrong. The Teen Mom 2 stars battled it out in front of the cameras on Monday’s reunion show. Nathan crossed so many lines as he fat-shamed Jenelle, called her a druggie and accused her of cutting herself. Fans knew he’d cause a ruckus during the reunion show, but no one expected him to go as far as he did.

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans on set of Teen Mom reunion

Source: YouTube/MTV

He thinks he’s hurting her, but he’s only hurting himself.

Here's what happened...