Nathan Griffith Blasts Jenelle Evans for Doing Drugs!

Jun 8, 2016 at 5:48 pm |

It's the circle of life, and it rules Jenelle.

For the last several years Jenelle Evans has been trying her hardest to convince Teen Mom 2 viewers that she is living a sober, stable, happy life. And those darn MTV editors have done nothing but sabotage her at every turn! This season, Jenelle almost had longtime fans believing that her life is a drug-free fairy tale and that David “The Felon” Eason is her Prince Charming. Unfortunately for Jenelle, Nathan took a sledgehammer that facade in the sneak preview of the upcoming Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special.

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Show

Source: MTV

In the sneak preview of the upcoming Teen Mom 2 Reunion special, Nathan Griffith reveals that Jenelle Evans is back to abusing drugs.

See what he had to say!