Nikkole Paulun Warns Young Girls of the Unrealistic Portrayal of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’

Aug 1, 2016 at 4:01 pm |

And you can bet Jenelle had something to say about it!

If you’ve been watching MTV’s Teen Mom since it was 16 and Pregnant, you probably remember Nikkole Paulun. She was the sweet blonde that had the unfortunate luck of meeting and falling in love with Josh Drummonds. He’s the father of Nikkole’s son, Lyle, and is hands down, the worst MTV father we ever witnessed on the show. Some of his most notable accomplishments were breaking up with Nikkole when he found out she wasn’t going to abort the baby, getting expelled from school, standing Nikkole up at their Homecoming Dance, cheating on Nikkole numerous times, oh, and being a drug addicted psychopath.

While Nikkole is the first to admit that she hasn’t had the most responsible of lifestyles in the past, we commend her for turning her life around so quickly. She updates us every so often on her life and most recently posted an entry on Facebook condemning the unrealistic expectations that MTV portrays for the lives of regular teen moms.

Nikkole Paulun with her two kids sitting in leaves

Source: Instagram @nikkolemtv

“When I did ’16 & Pregnant’ I really hoped my struggles would stop girls from making the same choices I did. Now … it just isn’t reality anymore.”

See what she had to say!