No, Matt Baier Isn’t Quitting ‘Teen Mom’ to Be a Rock Star

Jan 20, 2017 at 12:42 pm |

Sorry to crush your dreams?

This week in “absolutely bonkers Teen Mom OG rumors,” fans have been speculating that Amber Portwood’s controversial fiancé, Matt Baier, is planning to step off the small-screen and onto the stage. It all started after the 40-something, father of nine started posting pictures of his growing musical memorabilia collection to Instagram and mentioned that he had started guitar lessons and—true to form—Teen Mom fans took the idea and ran with it. Matt recently spoke to Real Mr. Housewife to set the record straight.

Matt Baier music career collage

Source: Instagram @mattbept

This is the one Matt Baier rumor that I really wanted to be true!

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