Our Hearts Are Racing! Olivia Paladin Is the Sexiest Adrenaline Junkie We’ve Ever Seen

Nov 10, 2016 at 4:50 pm |

Olivia will get your blood pumping

Olivia Paladin wasn’t just snapped up by companies wanting a cute, fun, blonde girl to represent them internationally. They needed someone who had something more. Olivia is a gorgeous young lady, but she really knows how to work a pair of skis, motorcycles, parachutes, and a lot more than that. She’s a real thrill-seeker and is always trying to find that activity that will feed her adrenaline addiction. See how much fun she has jumping off of bridges and planes while being sexy as all hell.

olivia paladin

Source: Instagram @oliviapaladin

Olivia Paladin isn’t just another sexy blonde Instagram model. She’s a true adrenaline addict who loves to jump out of planes and off of bridges.

Olivia, can I come ride the waves of Malibu with you?