OMG! Taylor Swift Randomly Shows Up At Fan’s Wedding

Jun 6, 2016 at 6:08 pm |

Taylor Swift: Popstar-Turned-Wedding-Crasher

A video of Taylor Swift giving a surprise performance at a real-person (not celebrity) wedding is going viral, and my initial, cynical thought for the headline was “Taylor Swift Loses Everything In Calvin Harris Split; Reduced To Underpaid Wedding Singer.”

But after doing a little more digging, it turns out that this stunt was the latest in a long string of random acts of kindness that the pop megastar has shown her fans. You can add this one to your list right next to T.Swift visiting fans in the hospital, covering medical bills, and donating millions to various causes and charities, because when you learn why she crashed this particular wedding, you won’t be able to keep the tears back.

Want to know why Max Singer and Kenya Smith deserved a Taylor Swift-crashed wedding more than anybody else?

Taylor Swift Crashes wedding to perform for superfan

Source: Facebook/Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift had a “Blank Space” in her schedule and gave this deserving couple a wedding surprise they would never forget!

KEEP READING to find out, and to see the amazing video for yourself!