Our New Year’s Resolution Is to See More of Miss Lexy Lu

Jan 4, 2017 at 4:39 pm |

She should just change her name to Sexy Lexy

Lexy Lu seems like the type of girl that a couple of nerds made with a computer because her body is the stuff of fantasies. She’s got a naturally huge bust, lusciously wide hips, and she’s been working hard to make her waist as thin as a 90s supermodel. She almost looks like she could buckle in half at any second, but her trusty corsets happily keep her upright and tight. Check out this incredible beast of a lady right now.

lexy lu

Source: Instagram @lexylu_pinup

Lexy Lu is the epitome of pin-up models. Her curvy body puts hourglasses to shame; they can’t hold a candle to her big top and bottom and tiny little middle.

Would you swim the Atlantic Ocean to get to Lexy Lu?