Parents Are Losing Their Minds Over What #TeacherBae Wears to School

Sep 13, 2016 at 4:59 pm |

What if your kid's first grade teacher looked like this?

One Atlanta elementary school teacher is the center of attention on Twitter right now ever since photos of her “sexy” school outfits started going viral. She even won herself her own hashtag, #TeacherBae.

Paris Monroe is that teacher, and let us tell you this: she is fine, she is thick, and she has a heart of gold and will probably teach your kids to read. What’s so wrong with that? At first, the chatter was coming from a bunch of stingy parents who thought that that Monroe’s outfits were a little too revealing for an elementary school teacher.

“Wtf is wrong with u, #teacherbae ? Can u cover up & stop wearing that tight sh*t? And lose some weight”

But once all the old people quieted down, everyone realized that #TeacherBae is seriously smokin, and Twitter started blowing up with her curvy Instagram photos. Her Instagram has since gone private, so see the photos here before you can’t see them anywhere else!

sexy 1st grade teacher Paris Monroe

Source: Twitter @Bossip

I might have studied harder in school if my teachers looked like this… #TeacherBae

See #TeacherBae's most revealing outfits below!