People Reveal Their First “Adult Toy”

Sep 14, 2016 at 12:47 pm |

Not so pro-fesh

Our hormones set in early–probably earlier than they should. Let’s face it: Most 12-year-olds aren’t prepared for raging boners and tingly vulvas. This is especially true of kids who don’t get sex ed in their schools or from their parents. They just know that touching it feels good. However, they aren’t old enough to go to sex shops to purchase Fleshlights and vibrators so they have to make do with found or homemade objects of pleasure. Redditors share their first sex toys with each other and they are beyond hilarious.

Freshly baked apple pie with apples in the background. Macro with shallow dof.

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You put WHAT up there?!

You put WHAT up there?!