Pregnant 16-Year-Old Girl Confirmed to Have Zika Virus

Nov 18, 2016 at 5:20 pm |

Fighting for a healthy pregnancy

What’s your biggest fear as a parent?

Most likely, it has something to do with your child getting injured, and that’s completely understandable. In fact, these fears go back to before your child was born, and they very much have to do with our most basic human instincts. What wouldn’t you do to keep your kids safe?

Sadly, for hundreds of thousands of babies around the world each year, staying safe isn’t as much of a priority as staying healthy and surviving. That’s because these babies are already born with viruses, diseases, or defects that often stem from their parents’ own health.

A pregnant 16-year-old woman was just diagnosed with the Zika virus, and now doctors are worried about what it could mean for her baby.

zika virus mosquito bite

Source: flickr/Day Donaldson

Now doctors are worried about what her diagnosis could mean for her baby.

Here's how Zika can affect pregnancies