Prince Harry Found Love? Is He Officially off the Market?

Nov 1, 2016 at 5:10 pm |

"Nooooooooo!" -All Girls Everywhere

Since the royal wedding, eligible women everywhere have clung to the hope that one day, they might meet Prince Harry. We’d be studying premed at college in Wisconsin and while we wouldn’t be interested in him at first, he would continue to pursue us before we would eventually fall deeply in love. Julia Stiles might appear at one point or another, but we digress.

Unfortunately, that dream is all but hopeless. The British media has reported that Prince Harry has finally found love, to the disappoint of women everywhere.

OBAN, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 10: Prince Harry laughs as he attempts to open a Bluff oyster at the Stewart Island Community Centre as part of his first visit to New Zealand on May 10, 2015 in Oban, New Zealand. Prince Harry is in New Zealand from May 9 through to May 16 attending events in Wellington, Invercargill, Stewart Island, Christchurch, Linton, Whanganui and Auckland.

Credit: Dianne Manson-Pool/Getty Images

It’s a sad day for the single ladies of the world…

Can you guess who the lucky lady is?