The Rough Life of Someone with a Quicksand Fetish

Nov 7, 2016 at 12:24 pm |

Dirty Fetish, Literally.

Here is a fun fact: there is such a thing as a quicksand fetish. Something about people, particularly women, drowning in quicksand, really gets some people off. Carl is one of these people. He is a millennial with a quicksand fetish, and he says he’s not the only one. There are tons of seriously creepy and odd fetishes out there, but this one tops the list. How does this even make sense? How on earth could watching someone struggling for their lives in giant puddles of mud be a turn on? Don’t worry, Carl dishes out the deets. Here is everything you never thought you needed to know about quicksand fetishes.

quicksand sign

Source: Instagram @jeremyedom

Quicksand fetish explained.

You won't believe the extremes people with this fetish will go to