Real Life Love Boat! Except With Orgies

Jun 14, 2016 at 6:30 pm |

All aboard for adult hospitality and "intense icebreakers”

Have you ever gone on a cruise vacation, but couldn’t be totally free because you were with the entire family? What if there was a cruise just for you and your lover. A cruise that gives you the chance to be sexually free side-by-side with other couples. The Azamara Quest is your ticket to sexual liberation. Not only does this real-life love boat brings you to the international country of love, Italy, and beyond, but it hosts list of lusty events for you, your partner and invited guests.

The Azamara Quest -- first ever sex cruise

Source: Facebook/The Azamara Quest

Get a ticket to spice up your love life with the motion of the ocean…

Take a look at the world's first sex cruise