Reality TV Star Farrah Abraham Considers Adopting a Child

Jun 13, 2016 at 5:36 pm |

Are any of you interested in giving your baby to Farrah?

Most would agree that Farrah Abraham’s life isn’t exactly compatible with child-rearing. And yet, Farrah has somehow managed to raise her daughter in between sex-industry promotions, reality TV tapings, and constant flights across America. Recently she shocked the internet by revealing that she’s in the process of adopting a child. But is this it for Farrah? Will she forever remain a career oriented, single mother of one, or will she change her hard-partying ways to be a mother to two?

Farrah Abraham dancing in revealing dress at her birthday

Source: Instagram @farrah_abraham

Rumor has it that reality star Farrah Abraham plans on adopting a child. But are the rumors true?

What does Farrah have planned for the future?