Redditors Explain Why They Send Wiener Pics

Jun 23, 2016 at 2:12 pm |

Get over your junk.

Almost every girl growing up with social media and dating apps has received at least one dick pic. 99% of the time they are unsolicited. Sure, we might want to see your goods if we are in the middle of sexting, but getting one on our phone out of blue is disgusting, unnecessary and rude. Sure, you are proud of your junk (no matter what it looks like), but we don’t get hot and heavy over it in the middle of the work day. So who are these pervs and why do they feel compelled to send crotch shots? A wonderfully insightful Reddit thread reveals why some crude guys do this.

cat looking at many hotdogs

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Get over your junk.

You know we giggle at those with our friends, right?