Rich Kids of London Show Instagram They Don’t Care About Brexit

Jun 24, 2016 at 4:30 pm |

They do care about champagne, though.

Brexit has got the United Kingdom in a frenzy, and the whole world is watching. This historic decision to leave the European Union is unprecedented, and it is unknown if it will turn out good or very bad for Britain.

Through the excitement and terror of the past few days leading up to this incredible turn of events, the rich kids of London are showing just how spoiled, uninterested and sickeningly wealthy they are. You can see them wasting expensive bubbly, lounging beside resort pools and just generally angering everyone else. Don’t these rich kids know that there’s a possibility that Brexit could bring their wealthy lifestyles to an end?

rich kids by helicopter

Source: Instagram @RichKidsLondon

Though Brexit is upon them, these rich kids of London clearly don’t care.

Can you believe how these kids are flaunting daddy's cash?