Richard Simmons Released From Hospital After Being Admitted for WHAT?!

Jun 6, 2016 at 1:35 pm |

Everyone's favorite exercise guru is having some probs...

I grew up with my mom watching VHS tapes of Richard Simmons. It was just a mater of time before I joined her aerobics routine. While that dates me, the flamboyant and upbeat exercise instructor is timeless. Many fad workout videos have fallen by the wayside (I’m looking at you, Tae Bo and Jazzercise), while Simmons and his bigger-than-life personality has managed to stand the test of time. How? Besides being so energetic, he gets personally involved with his clients. If you haven’t heard, he’s recently been admitted to the hospital and fans are curious what landed him there.

richard simmons in orage screaming

Credit: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Get well, Richard!

How can you not adore Richard Simmons?