Rob Kardashian Tells Blac Chyna He Won’t Allow Their Daughter to Become a Stripper

Sep 23, 2016 at 4:59 pm |

Dad Mode: Activated

Having a girl comes with many different worries. From the moment they’re born, a parent will stress about everything from their daughter’s future self-esteem issues to how boys will treat them. The number one torment for any father thinking about his daughter’s future life, however, is that they will eventually become a stripper.

Now we aren’t saying there is anything wrong with being a stripper. It takes a lot of confidence to parade your sexy self in front of a sea of creepy dudes. Yet, that specific career path isn’t on the top of the list for many parents when they thing about their unborn daughter’s future… as is the case for Rob Kardashian.

Rob and Chyna

Image: @blacchyna/Instagram

It ain’t happenin!

Despite Blac Chyna's history of being a stripper?