Russian Women Strip in the Street to Try and Find Husbands

Sep 7, 2016 at 5:58 pm |

Or at least a boyfriend for the night?

For many women, they wait patiently for years to find the man of their dreams. These ladies spend hours thinking about the perfect wedding dress, flowers and every other little detail of their ideal wedding. Many couples who end up married meet through friends, school or online. But how about meeting your mate on a highway? No, it’s not a cute story like you two got into a fender bender and exchanged numbers and fell in love. Imagine this: You are just driving down the highway at night and there she is, your bride, waiting for you in her skivvies. Romantic? Maybe not. Does it work? Maybe!

bride in sexy wedding lingerie

Credit: Maksim Shmeljov/Shutterstock

Would you stop for a date with these ladies?

Would you stop for a date with these ladies?