Sasha Grey Says Virtual Reality Adult Films Are “Too in Your Face”

Sep 20, 2016 at 5:23 pm |

If it's too intense for her, can you handle it?

Sasha Grey is everyone’s favorite artsy-cool, filthy-horny porn star. She entered the porn game on her 18th birthday getting gang-banged by a bevy of “black monster cocks.” After that she did pretty much anything one can do lying on her bed: from licking p**sy and getting pounded in the a$$ to masturbating in the shower for her loyal fans.

When recently in Singapore, she was asked about virtual reality porn, and Grey had this to say: “VR porn is too much, too in your face. I watched a trailer once, and that was enough for me.” Sasha has mixed feeling about emerging VR technology. The porn star turned actress/writer turned DJ/entrepreneur has things to say about the potentials and pitfalls of virtual reality, and you want to hear them.

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Source: Instagram @sashagrey

Esteemed and drool-worthy porn star Sasha Grey has things to say about emerging virtual reality porn, so listen.

Have you heard Sasha Grey's thoughts on VR porn?