Say Goodbye to the Rio Olympics and Hello to Brazil’s 13 Most Popular Adult Film Stars

Aug 22, 2016 at 4:24 pm |

These ladies are the true athletes

The 2016 Olympics are now over, and we won’t be seeing the summer games again until 2020 when they take place in Tokyo. But if you still have Brazil on the brain, we may have a the best sort of solution for you. We’ve rounded up the hottest and raunchiest porn stars Brazil has to offer for your viewing pleasure, and they are hotter than the midday Brazilian sun. These foxy ladies have entertained millions with their bods and bedroom moves. If you haven’t seen ALL of these sexy South American stars in the sack then you are going to definitely want to.

fernandinha fernandez sexy pornstar

Source: Instagram @fernandinha_fernandez

Now that the Olympic games are over in Rio, we can focus on the ladies who live, and love, there long-term.

These buxom Brazilian babes will be in your dreams tonight