Sean Kingston Swings Mic at Heckling Fan and It’s Glorious

Oct 14, 2016 at 3:52 pm |

Would you hit a heckler with that mic check?

Sean Kingston, the Jamaican-American singer, song writer, rapper, and actor did a show down-under in Australia Thursday, October 13. He was tearing it up when a fan started heckling and throwing ice during the performance. Like a straight boss, Kingston swung his mic at the d-bag. No one likes a tool bag that tries to disrespect an artist and potentially ruin a show. Kingston wasn’t having it, handled the dude, and kept on singing like a pro.


Credit: Sean Gardner / Getty Images

Let’s just say the fake fan got Kingston’s “Fire Burning.” Sean was not “Letting Go” of this one.

He was all like if you don't "Beat It," I'll "Take You There," and hit you with microphone "Face Drop."