The Scandalous Secrets of Working on a Cruise Ship

Jun 15, 2017 at 3:18 pm |

The life at sea's the life for me!

Most of us save up for a vacation all year long—especially if it’s a luxurious week or two spent at sea. That said, a cruise ship is a unique kind of vacation. You’re stuck on a boat for however long with the same 2,000 other passengers having the time of their lives… and, of course, the crew.

By the time you arrive on the boat, everything about ship life is old hat for the crew. Working life on a ship is a totally different ball game with its own perks and drawbacks.

Here are the secrets about living and vacationing at sea that the cruise lines don’t want you to know—straight from the crew’s mouth!

Cruise Ship exterior

Credit: mariakraynova/Shutterstock

All the secrets of life on a ship!

It's not all good food and poolside drinks...