Servers Dish on The Worst Dates They’ve Ever Seen

Dec 20, 2016 at 4:24 pm |

Our Nightmare!

There is practically an endless choice of places and things to do when planning out a date, but one of the most common is dinner and a movie. It makes sense; you get the opportunity to chat with the other person for a while, avoid a lot of the awkwardness with plenty of wine, and take the weight off the conversation to watch the movie. Then after, you have more things to talk about. Pretty foolproof right? Wrong. Servers at restaurants (AKA the eyes and ears of the place) have witnessed some downright horrifying dates go wrong before the couple even got to dessert! Here are the worst stories.

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All of a sudden, our worst dates don’t seem so bad…

These are cringeworthy to say the least!