Sex Tourism – Most Popular Destinations

May 18, 2016 at 5:59 pm |

Behind the Red-Light District

Sex tourism is the organization of travel to engage in sexual activity with prostitutes. Most people plan to sightsee beautiful countries or visit museums when going on vacation, but some like a bit more of a thrill.

Sex tourism is a billion dollar industry that is continually rising. Every year, over three million people travel near and far to engage in a lot of sexually-solicited behavior. The industry is estimated to have millions of sex workers with the majority being women. Whether legal or illegal, most countries are known for their red-light districts.

Sex worker waits for client in Thailand's red light district

Credit: Paula Bronstein / Stringer / Getty

If you’re planning a getaway, watch out for these red-light districts.

Here are the top 5 countries that are both culturally-interesting and visibly luring with prostitution...