Sexiest Pole Dancer Ever: Daria Che

Sep 12, 2016 at 5:58 pm |

Who else has these moves?

Pole dancing is a skill, it’s an art, it has existed for centuries. Well, maybe not centuries, but almost a hundred years now. It’s not only sexy—when a girl cleans off the pole, grasps it with her palms and hoists her whole body up on it—but it’s acrobatic as a mother.

Russian exotic pole “athlete” Daria Che has been mastering the poles for years now. She thin, tan and hella flexible. Like, so flexible that you’ll be dreaming of ways to twist, bend and fold her up into your suitcase and bring her home. But first you have to see what she can do with a pole.

Daria Che pole

Source: Instagram @ohhh_daria

She’s the World Best Pole Dancer. Have you seen Daria Che’s moves?

She'll have you bending over backwards