She Gotta Donk: Lauren Pisciotta’s Steamy Instagram Has Us Feeling Hot

Jan 11, 2017 at 11:35 am |

She's got the donk, the rack, and all the in-between

Lauren Pisciotta is the stunning music act manager that you haven’t heard of yet, but you’re about to see everything about her. She’s a star in her own right just because of her goddess-like body, nevermind the business savvy. She may actually be getting more attention than her assets, and by assets I mean the people that she manages. But she shouldn’t mind it a bit because she can start her own modeling career.

lauren pisciotta

Source: Instagram @laurenpisciotta

Lauren Pisciotta was content to work behind the scenes, but that beautiful body of hers is way too fierce not to go unnoticed. She’s the one I want to see.

She can manage my portfolio anytime she wants to.