If More Politicians Looked Like Nikita Klaestrup, the World Would Be a More Peaceful Place

Nov 18, 2016 at 5:37 pm |

With all the negative politics abound, this model's here to make you appreciate what's really important

Nikita Klaestrup came on the scene in Europe as people thought she was a full blown politician. But she ran for the Conservative People’s Party in the Danish local elections in 2013. This was for a spot on the council in Guldborgsund Municipality. She received a healthy 128 votes but did not get the position. But this hasn’t stopped her career in politics.

In fact, it’s only he beginning: She’s a student in Copenhagen at UCPH studying rhetoric and aspires to be a potent politician on the conservative side of the table. Though she’s to be a conservative politician, she worked as a fashion model for several years, including some topless photos. Copenhagen conservative is a lot more liberal than these evangelical conservatives that we’ve got in the US. But if more politicians look like this gorgeous queen, then the world would be a better place. As a political commentator, she had some controversial things to say about their Gay Pride parade: It wasn’t even hateful, she was actually sticking up for the gay people that didn’t want the stereotypes that are celebrated in the parade to be spoofed to the masses.

Keep reading to see all about the hottest newscaster in Europe. and don’t be too hasty to judge her, she’s still very young.

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Source: Instagram @nikitaklaestrup

This hot young political newscaster from Europe has the internet buzzing. Beauty plus brains is a hard thing to come by these days.

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