She Was Banned From Snapchat, but She Showed Them!

Sep 14, 2016 at 4:37 pm |

Now, Chelsea is blasting her body on Twitter

Chelsea Ferguson is heated that her nude photos were taken down from Snapchat, and that was she barred from the app, so she took to Twitter, which allows nude content, to took a stand against censorship.

She’s only got 709 followers on Twitter right now, who love seeing her sexy naked body all the time. She uses the photos to promote dancing at the Blue Velvet Gentlemen’s Club. I’ll bet her business has increased tenfold because she’s one of the hottest strippers ever.

chelsea ferguson hot

Source: Instagram @imsedgyfergo

Stripper Chelsea Ferguson used Snapchat to show potential customers what she had to offer, but they booted her off. Now, she’s all about Twitter.

Chelsea is the most popular stripper in the U.K.