She Wore Balls in Her V for Her Birthday, but Didn’t Expect THIS to Happen

Jul 19, 2016 at 3:38 pm |

An evening with Ben Wa

Though they’ve been around for a while, the exposure from Fifty Shades of Grey opened a lot of women up to the idea of inserting metal balls into their vags. Ben Wa balls are used for sexual stimulation. They can be fun to play around with, especially when your lover is involved. But in this case, two friends decided to have silly fun with the idea.

Sara and her BFF Julie decided to buy a pair of Ben Wa balls and wear them while out, celebrating Sara’s 30th birthday. Yeah, because that’s such a good idea, especially when alcohol is involved.

Woman holding a drink in the club

Credit: Augustino/Shutterstock

This is what happens when you mix Ben Wa balls and a night of drinking….

Ben Wa came along for the party