Signs You May Be Watching Too Many Adult Films

Jul 21, 2016 at 4:27 pm |

Porn dependency is a real problem

We’ve all seen an X-Rated film or two (or hundreds). And with every new technology, the adult film industry is at the forefront, knowing that many millions of horny people need their fix. This results in billions of dollars for those involved. With the advent of the internet, viewers don’t even have to leave their house to get videos, as there are millions upon millions of films, cams and photos available at their fingertips. A third of all internet traffic goes to adult sites and it is estimated that 50% of divorce cases have to do with pornography. But does this mean men and women are getting too much of the good stuff?

business man on laptop addicted to adult sites

Credit: Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley/Sutterstock

XXX dependency is a real problem

Are you addicted?