Snooki: Where Is She Now?

Jul 6, 2016 at 6:07 pm |

She's come a long way.

If you grew up on reality television, then there is a chance that you were as hooked on episodes of Jersey Shore as the rest of us. The series became a national sensation on TV sets across the country as the guido-infused cast brought us entertainment right to our homes filled with drama and hookups. While the cast still goes down in history for their involvement in the show, most would agree that Snooki was the standout cast member. From her crazy partying ways, to her search for the perfect “gorilla juicehead” man, Snooki holds a special place in our hearts. See what Nicole is up to today!

Snooki where is she now before


We can’t believe this is really what she looks like now!

Check out how far Snooki has come over the years.