Someone With Down Syndrome Gets Harassed. Would You Help?

Jul 12, 2016 at 2:13 pm |

This social experiment answers the question.

In the tradition of social experiments, a situational hidden-camera show called What Would You Do? set up a scenario in which a bag boy at a grocery store who has Down Syndrome gets mocked and humiliated by a rude customers. What happens when the other customers witness this cruel behavior? We’ve got the footage on the next pages. The results may surprise you, but you’ve got to ask yourself what you would do in the same situation: tell the rude customer that he or she is inappropriate, inform the manager about what the employee just went through, or do nothing at all.

Handicap Abuse social experiment

Source: Youtube @What Would You Do?

What happens when these shoppers see a person with Down Syndrome getting publicly humiliated?

These customers won't have it!