Soulja Boy Wildin’ out, Says He Wants to Make Music With Chris Brown

Jan 4, 2017 at 2:37 pm |

What is wrong with Soulja right now?

Things have been going pretty bad for Soulja Boy lately. He started so much trouble just because he liked a picture, then he was asked to get into a fight for the whole world to see, then he’s trying to get into stuff in the hood. Now he’s saying that everything that he’s been doing for the past few months shouldn’t have happened, and he’s ready to do better. But after the events of the last few days, no one is sure that his strange behavior will actually change.

soulja boy

Source: Twitter @Souljaboy

Rapper Soulja Boy has been going cray lately, challenging Chris Brown to a fight, and nearly getting his phone stolen. Now he’s had a full change of heart.

He went from wanting to fight Breezy to asking his forgiveness.