Soulja Boy’s Hollywood Home Gets Broken Into and Robbed

Jan 12, 2017 at 12:14 pm |

Karma? Is that you?

Soulja Boy’s year continues to start off on a rocky path. Seems like every week, the “Crank That” rapper is making headlines. He’s been in the media for targeting celebrities for the past few months, but this time, he’s the victim. Following the back and forth beef between Soulja and Chris Brown, he’s been keeping busy, training for his boxing match with Chris Brown. But now, he may have to press pause on preparing for the main event because on Tuesday night, while the rapper was away, his Hollywood home was burglarized.

Soulja Boy holding a stack of money

Source: Instagram @souljaboy

The crook got away with over $20,000 in assets

The crook got away with over $20,000 in assets