Supreme Mac ’n Cheese Nachos

Aug 31, 2016 at 5:31 pm |

The Ultimate

DAMN YOUR WEINER NACHOS! Do they have mac ‘n cheese in them? Well why not?! Seriously, combine your two favorite foods in one delicious creation that you can eat with your hands! Or a shovel! I can’t provide enough exclamation points!!!

So imagine this: It’s Sunday. Game day. You gonna put out some lame tortilla chips and runny salsa? BOR-RING. Get your butt into the kitchen and throw some stuff in a pan and then shove it in the oven and KAPOW! I suggest you make like three of these jobs because there won’t be a guest who can turn them down. LISTEN TO ME!

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Credit: Consumed Media

The Ultimate.

Do it. DO IT NOW!