T.I. And Tiny First Lay Eyes On Baby Heiress

Sep 30, 2016 at 3:45 pm |

Parenting Tip: From the Hood to Fatherhood

T.I. is a shining example of an underdog coming out on top. He and his wife Tiny, along with all of his now 7 children, make up the Harris family. They’ve invited us into their home for half a decade and shared countless priceless experiences with all of us. With the newest member of the family, Heiress, born this past March, the Harris family is hustling harder than ever.

T.I. is the example of how a father should act. He supports every member of his family both financially and emotionally. He instills work ethic and education in his children and is a fun, loving husband to his wife. But all of that almost never happened. T.I. has been arrested 5 times. He was in prison for a year following his arrest in 2007, but when he came back, he turned over a new leaf as a dedicated father, husband, artist and entrepreneur.

With the 7th member of his family here, you might wonder when he’s gonna stop having kids. Being a father is fulfilling, but lord! Well during their trip to the doctor’s office to see their baby Heiress for the first time, Tiny let’s us know that this is the last kid they’re going to have. Straight up, she said, “This is the last time we’re gonna do this, so why not go all out?”

T.I. and Tiny Harris at baby shower feat

Source: Instagram @majorgirl

T.I. and Tiny share how they felt the moment they first saw their baby girl Heiress.

T.I. shares with us that feeling when you see a part of yourself create new life.