Teen Chops off His Girlfriend’s Lover’s Head After They Cheat

Nov 4, 2016 at 4:38 pm |

What a sad ending to a love triangle

If you know the pain of being cheated on by the person that you thought loved you more than anything, you know that you have some pretty bad thoughts of revenge and betrayal running through your head. Sometimes you can accept it and move on, and sometimes the pain stays with you forever. Infidelity has certainly lead to crimes of passion before, even murder, but this teen couldn’t hold back his rage and did the unthinkable to his rival in love.

man holding a knife

Credit: Thirdparty/Shutterstock

When a guy learns that his girlfriend was unfaithful, he can take it pretty hard. But this guy wouldn’t let his rival get away with it.

This sordid tale of love gone wrong between teens is incredibly brutal