Teen Mom 2 Star Adam Lind Takes Down Taylor On Instagram – Does He Have Custody Or Not?

Apr 15, 2016 at 4:45 pm |

The plot thickens...

Adam Lind is no stranger to people chastising him about his past actions. From his past criminal history to a number of DUIs to even having daughters Aubree and Paisley around a registered sex offender, Adam doesn’t have the best reputation.

So, when he announced that he received custody of his daughter, Paislee, on Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, eyebrows raised. Paislee’s mom, Taylor Halbur, also took to social media to respond to bash him for his comment. Adam says MTV never shows his good side. So in an effort to put an end to Taylor’s allegations, he did what he always does — responded on social media.

Adam Lind Takes Down Taylor On Instagram

Source: Instagram @adamjoelind

Looks like this custody battle has finally come to an end…

Taylor called Adam out, saying that he was lying about their agreement. Adam responded back by doing the unexpected...