‘Teen Mom’ Brawl Aftermath! Farrah Abraham Threatens to…

Oct 25, 2016 at 1:19 pm |

She's not taking any chances after this

It’s been a tough time for the crew and cast of Teen Mom OG lately. Most of the ladies are doing quite well right now, and production is otherwise moving along without issue. However, Farrah Abraham just wants to throw a wrench in the entire machine just because she’s Farrah. After she caused a row on the set of Teen Mom OG‘s reunion special that caused Amber to try and attack her, she says that this environment is just no longer worthy of her presence nor her daughter’s.

Farrah and Amber

Credit: TLC

After Amber Portwood rushes the stage to defend her boyfriend, Farrah Abraham is ready to take her daughter off of the air for good.

Does this mean the end of 'Teen Mom OG' as we know it?!