Teen Mom Fans Rejoice; ‘Teen Mom UK’ Start Date Confirmed!

Sep 21, 2016 at 3:55 pm |

Get ready to meet a whole new set of Teen Moms

MTV may be winding down its brand of shows that feature American girls becoming moms when they’re still young teens; 16 & Pregnant was completely canceled. I’m sure that Farrah, Jenelle or Amber will be getting a spin-off series when Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are pulled off the air. But MTV does have one more series up their sleeve, and they’ve got a start date for Teen Mom U.K., so mark your calendars today!

teen mom uk

Source: MTV

MTV is getting ready to roll out their brand new addition to the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise. Are you going to watch?

MTV is heading to the United Kingdom to meet five new moms