Prince in the Making? ‘Teen Mom UK’ Star Dresses Her Son up Like Prince George

Nov 4, 2016 at 1:51 pm |

Dressed Like Royalty

How exciting, Teen Mom UK is here! If you love the American version, you’ll love the English show as well. It is chock-full of drama and adorable babies. As viewers, we get insider looks into their lives, including the birth of Mia’s newborn baby and little Mckenzie’s closet. Mckenzie, Megan Salmon Ferrari’s son, has only the best baby clothes. Megan is constantly dressing him up and posing him for photo ops. She lets us inside Mckenzie’s closet and tells us why she dresses her son in such fancy clothes.

teen mom UK

Credit: MTV

‘Teen Mom UK’ dresses her son like royalty.

Adorable photos of baby dressed like royalty