Teenage Girl Gets Scalp Ripped off While Taking Ferris Wheel Selfie

Oct 19, 2016 at 4:36 pm |

It's the selfie of doom

It’s been happening for a while; people are getting hurt, maimed, or even killed while posing for a cute selfie. It’s easy to forget about your surroundings while getting that perfect duck face going for a selfie that will make all of your friends jelly. But they won’t be too jealous of all the fun you’re having for much longer when you end up in the hospital because you were putting yourself in danger. One teen girl found out the hard, excruciatingly painful way that she shouldn’t have her head buried in her phone.

ferris wheel

Credit: FooTToo/Shutterstock

One teen girl was just enjoying the fair and taking lots of selfies when things took a horrible, bloody turn.

She's not the only person to be gravely injured while take a picture