The 15 Most Insanely Sexy Cross Fit Girls

Sep 15, 2016 at 6:39 pm |

Drop it like a squat...

Each May, men and women around the world come together at the Cross Fit Games to see who can claim to be the fittest person on earth. There is a lot of negative debate surrounding the sport because of how prone competitors are to injuries, but we think that’s a load of malarky. People who live the “cross fit” lifestyle are undoubtably some of the most attractive humans on this earth and we decided to take a minute to appreciate them.

We’ve compiled the hottest ladies competing in Crossfit this year! They’ll motivate anyone to get off the couch and kick some serious ass!


Source: Instagram @katrintanja/@jackie585

Self esteem plummeting to zero…

Check out crossfit's hottest ladies!