The Biggest Scandals on ‘Teen Mom’

Aug 26, 2016 at 2:37 pm |

They did what?!

Reality TV shows would be nowhere near their current popularity if they weren’t riddled in drama and scandals. Viewers and fans of the TV genre love to indulge their guilty pleasures by living vicariously through their favorite outlandish characters and the incredulous lives they lead. MTV’s Teen Mom franchise is no different. The girls of the show only rose to fame because of their scandalous acts of getting pregnant at such a young age. If only they knew that wouldn’t be the last of drama.

After several spin offs, seasons, and 12 teen moms, check out the 10 biggest scandals of the show—on and off-screen.

MTV '16 and Pregnant' Reunion Show

Source: MTV

“Scandalous!”―The Ashleys, Recess

Which one is your favorite?