The Girlfriend Pranked By Fake Valentines Proposal Gets The Perfect Revenge

Jun 16, 2016 at 5:10 pm |

Revenge has never been so sweet.

A couple that can laugh together will most likely stay together. Brad Holmes and Jenny Davies are known on the internet as “that couple that pulls pranks on each other.” They post videos of their pranks and reactions on FB for the whole world to enjoy. With each additional prank, their audience grows. Last Valentines Day, Brad pulled a prank on Jenny that could be a girl’s worst nightmare. Jenny, however, wasn’t going to let Brad have the last laugh and concocted a retaliation prank that was perfect in our eyes.

Pregnant Prank done by Jenny Davies on Brad Holmes

Source: Facebook/Brad Holmes

The only prank we can pull off is “Ding Dong Ditching,” people…and even then we get caught.

Check out this perfect prank!!