15 Definitive Reasons Why the Hand Bra Is the Only Bra a Woman Needs

Nov 21, 2016 at 6:22 pm |

Don't you agree?

You already know what a hand bra is, I promise you. It’s just the act of using hands to cover up the naughty bits that a lady has on her chest in order for the photo to be able to be posted places that don’t allow nudity. But you know that she’s pretty much unclothed. It’s all hot, gorgeous skin. These ladies learned about the power of this hack on Instagram, and we’re applauding their intelligence in the matter. More hand bra, please!

ashley white covering breasts and wearing tiny plaid skirt

Source: Instagram @ashleyoneluuv

And hand bra is simply when you cover your bosom in hands in order to conceal what lies beneath. And it’s awesome.

We can't show you everything, but they've got nothing on up top.